About Genfinity

Founded in 2021, Genfinity is a leading media firm with a dynamic platform dedicated to knowledge-sharing, networking, and connection in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency and digital landscape. With a vision for a connected future, Genfinity is at the forefront of collaborative opportunities and project visibility while also delivering the latest developments in crypto news.


Our Services

At Genfinity, we're not just reporting on the digital revolution—we're part of it. We provide a unique value proposition that combines partnership opportunities, community engagement, and project visibility within the DLT and web3 ecosystem.

Community Engagement

Through regular weekly spaces and larger monthly events, we create a dynamic, engaging environment fostering interactions between project creators and the wider community, facilitating valuable discussions, feedback loops, and network building.

Project Visibility

Enhancing visibility for participating projects by leveraging Genfinity’s role as a media outlet. Projects gain exposure to a broad cross-chain audience, significantly aiding in network growth and user acquisition.

Network Expansion

We provide opportunities to collaborate and integrate with diverse ecosystems, opening up new possibilities for innovation and growth.

Our Mission

At Genfinity, we're not just reporting on the digital revolution—we're part of it.

Our mission is to cultivate, inform and engage communities for our partners and affiliates via value-based education.

Our Team

Ryan Solomon

Founder, CEO

Carola Schmidt

Co-Founder, COO

Colin Walsh

Co-Founder, CTO

Valor Kopeny

Co-Founder, CCO

Sarah Dillon

Community Manager

Sadaf Jadran

Co-Founder, CMO

Our Partners