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Calaxy App’s Latest Update: Revolutionizing the Crypto and NFT Experience

Discover How Calaxy App’s Newest Update is Transforming Crypto & NFT Trading


The digital asset landscape is experiencing a significant transformation with the latest update of the Calaxy App. Version 1.4 introduces revolutionary features that simplify the process of sending cryptocurrencies and NFTs, making it as easy as sending a text message. This update is poised to change the game for crypto enthusiasts and casual users alike.

Simplified Transactions: Texting Crypto and NFTs

Gone are the days of complicated crypto transactions. The Calaxy App v1.4 enables users to send cryptocurrencies and NFTs via its Messenger. This feature eliminates the need for copying and pasting wallet addresses and bypasses the often daunting gas fees. Now, users can simply hit ‘send’ to transfer their digital assets​​​​

The End of Gas Fees: A Much-Needed Change

One of the most significant changes in the Calaxy App v1.4 is the elimination of gas fees for networks with minimal transfer costs. This development not only simplifies transactions but also makes them more enjoyable. The update supports the Hedera network, known for its ultra-low transfer fees, and plans to expand to other networks​​​​.

Expanding Network Support: Inclusivity in Digital Assets

Initially supporting the Hedera network, Calaxy plans to extend its services to over 20 blockchain networks including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana. This expansion aims to accommodate a wider range of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, thus broadening the app’s appeal and usability​​.

User-Friendly Interface: Empowering the Masses

The update focuses on user-friendliness. Its intuitive design allows users to easily select NFTs or cryptocurrencies and send them via direct messages. This approach not only demystifies crypto for the average user but also enhances the overall experience of digital asset transactions​​.


The Calaxy App v1.4 is a game-changer in the realm of digital assets. Its emphasis on simplicity, fun, and inclusivity is set to attract a new wave of crypto users. We invite our readers to share their experiences and thoughts on this innovative update. How do you think it will impact the future of crypto transactions? Join the conversation in the comments below.

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