In a stunning development, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s X (formerly Twitter) account has fallen victim to a malicious hack, resulting in victims collectively losing over $691,000 as a consequence of a devious scam involving promises of free NFTs. The incident, revealed by noted blockchain investigator ZachXBT, has sent shockwaves throughout the cryptocurrency community.

This alarming security breach was brought to public attention when Dmitry Buterin, Vitalik’s father, posted a message on X on September 9, stating, “Disregard this post, apparently Vitalik has been hacked. He is working on restoring access.” The now-deleted post had been published on Vitalik Buterin’s own account, ostensibly celebrating the arrival of “Proto-Danksharding coming to Ethereum.”

The hacker behind the breach cunningly shared a malicious link, purporting to offer a free commemorative nonfungible token (NFT). Unsuspecting victims were enticed into connecting their wallets, only to find themselves falling prey to a nefarious scheme that ultimately emptied their accounts of all funds.

As a result of this nefarious incident, Ethereum developer Bok Khoo, known as Bokky Poobah on X, has come forward, disclosing losses incurred within his CryptoPunk NFT collection. At the time of this report, the prevailing floor price for a CryptoPunk NFT stands at 46.99 Ether (ETH), equivalent to approximately $76,837.

This hack is the latest addition to a series of high-profile security breaches that have plagued the cryptocurrency landscape. ZachXBT, who has been actively monitoring the hacker’s activities, recently revealed that the most valuable NFT stolen thus far is CryptoPunk #3983, with a value of 153.62 ETH, translating to approximately $250,543.

While some members of the community have speculated that Vitalik Buterin may have neglected to implement adequate security measures for his X account, pointing fingers at the possibility of a SIM-swap attack, ZachXBT has contested these allegations. He emphasized that Vitalik’s immense prominence in the crypto sphere has made him a prime target for a variety of hacking attempts, including the potential involvement of insiders or sophisticated methods beyond simple SIM swaps.

As the cryptocurrency community closely monitors the developments related to this hack, experts and enthusiasts are sharing insights and advice to bolster security measures and thwart similar incidents in the future. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the crucial importance of robust security protocols within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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