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SELF Embarks on Transformative Partnership with Tectum

SELF proudly unveils a strategic collaboration with Tectum, a trailblazing distributed ledger platform at the forefront of shaping the future's superconductive digital financial landscape.

Powering the Future of Digital Finance with Lightning-Fast Ledger Protocol

November brings another wave of advancements for SELF as it proudly unveils a strategic collaboration with Tectum, a trailblazing distributed ledger platform at the forefront of shaping the future’s superconductive digital financial landscape.

Elevating Blockchain Integration with Tectum’s Lightning-Fast Ledger Protocol: SELF and Tectum join forces to harness the capabilities of Tectum’s innovative ledger protocol. The primary focus is on augmenting the functionality and scope of SELF’s identity solutions. Tectum’s unique approach, emphasizing high-speed transactions and efficient data storage, aligns seamlessly with SELF’s commitment to secure and seamless blockchain integration.

Tectum’s High-Speed Transactions and Efficient Data Management: Tectum’s technology stands out for its remarkable capacity to handle over 1 million transactions per second. The platform is engineered for instantaneous event status delivery and ownership updates, fundamentally revolutionizing data management across blockchain networks. By storing hashes instead of direct data and employing advanced encryption, Tectum ensures swift, secure, and efficient transaction processing.

Diverse Applications Across Industries: Tectum’s prowess extends to diverse applications, from municipal and legal record-keeping to logistics and billing management. Its speed and efficiency are particularly valuable in high-volume scenarios. Moreover, the technology finds relevance in the Internet of Things (IoT), enabling the tracking and recording of data multiple times per second, critical for devices such as drones and vehicle systems.

Partnership Highlights and Future Collaborations: This partnership ushers in several pivotal developments. SELF assumes a significant role in the TET ecosystem, exploring every DAPP integrated into TET as a potential SELF partner, a move poised for substantial impact and mass adoption of SELF technology. Noteworthy highlights include TET becoming an official SELF reseller, integration of SELF tech into the Softnote.com wallet, incorporation of the TIA educational bot with comprehensive information about SELF, and a robust marketing collaboration. The partnership’s commitment extends to engaging in AMA sessions and fostering continuous collaboration as the crypto landscape evolves.

The SELF and Tectum partnership marks a significant leap toward advancing blockchain integration capabilities. As both entities collaborate to unlock new possibilities, the crypto community eagerly anticipates the transformative impact on identity solutions and the broader blockchain landscape. Stay tuned for the unfolding chapters of this groundbreaking collaboration.

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