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OKX Unveils X1: Revolutionizing Web3 with New ZK Layer 2 Network

Explore how OKX's launch of the new ZK Layer 2 network X1, in collaboration with Polygon Labs, is set to revolutionize the Web3 space.

Elevating Ethereum Ecosystems with OKX and Polygon’s Groundbreaking Collaboration


In a significant advancement for the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities, OKX, a leading global crypto exchange, and Polygon Labs, a prominent blockchain technology company, have launched X1 – a cutting-edge Ethereum-based Zero Knowledge (ZK) Layer 2 (L2) network. This groundbreaking development promises to reshape the Web3 landscape by offering enhanced performance, security, and developer-friendly tools.

OKX and Polygon Labs: A Strategic Union

OKX and Polygon Labs’ collaboration marks a milestone in blockchain technology. This partnership leverages Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK) to establish X1 as OKX’s new native network. OKX’s vast user base of over 50 million, along with the extensive developer communities of both Ethereum and Polygon, are set to benefit from this synergy. The move signifies OKX’s commitment to becoming a core contributor to Polygon CDK and advancing Ethereum’s scaling solutions​​.

X1: The Future of Web3 Development

X1 is designed with developers in mind, aiming to drive Web3’s future by facilitating the creation of decentralized applications (DApps) across diverse sectors such as DeFi and enterprise. The network’s compatibility with Ethereum ensures a broad range of connectivity options for smart contracts, wallets, and tools. OKX’s platform token, OKB, is designated as the native token for X1, streamlining transactions within the network​​.

Technological Innovations of X1

At the heart of X1’s design is the utilization of Zero Knowledge (ZK) proofs, enhancing the network’s security and scalability while reducing transaction costs. This feature positions X1 as a state-of-the-art, user-friendly platform ideal for builders, creators, and Web3 enthusiasts. The compatibility with Ethereum allows for the seamless deployment of EVM-based DApps, bolstering the network’s utility and reach​​.

The Vision of OKX and Polygon

Key figures from both OKX and Polygon have expressed their visions for X1. OKX’s Chief Innovation Officer, Jason Lau, highlights X1 as a crucial component in their strategy to educate users about Web3, emphasizing its developer-friendly nature. Similarly, Polygon’s co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal, underscores X1’s role in providing an affordable platform for decentralized app creation, bridging OKX’s community with Ethereum ecosystems. This collaboration aims to bring about a wider adoption of Web3 technologies​​.

The Expanding Horizon of ZK Layer 2 Networks

The launch of the Polygon CDK in late August has opened doors for enterprises and developers to create ZK-powered Layer 2 chains on Ethereum. This has attracted attention from various technology and enterprise companies planning to build their own Ethereum ZK L2 networks, including Astar and Canto. The upcoming weeks are expected to bring more details about OKX and Polygon Labs’ collaboration and developer events​​.


The launch of X1 by OKX, in collaboration with Polygon Labs, marks a significant leap in the blockchain and Web3 arenas. This new network is set to not only enhance the developer experience but also to accelerate the adoption and growth of decentralized applications and technologies. We invite our readers to share their thoughts and perspectives on this exciting development in the comments section below.

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