Unleashing Cryptocurrency’s Potential in Everyday Transactions with Taiwan’s FamilyMart Chain

United States-based stablecoin issuer, Circle, has embarked on a groundbreaking partnership with Taiwan’s FamilyMart, the country’s second-largest convenience store chain, unveiling a revolutionary ‘Points-to-Crypto’ program. This initiative, orchestrated in collaboration with a local crypto exchange, is a significant stride toward incorporating cryptocurrency in daily transactions, propelling Taiwan further into the digital financial domain.

Background on Circle:

Circle is a titan in the realm of stablecoin issuance, known for its US Dollar Coin (USDC) which is pegged to the value of the US dollar. With a track record of driving fintech innovation, Circle’s venture into the Taiwanese market exemplifies its continual endeavor to bridge traditional commerce with the blossoming crypto economy, ensuring a seamless transition for consumers and retailers alike.

Points-to-Crypto service:

The inception of the ‘Points-to-Crypto’ service in Taiwan is a novel venture, enabling the conversion of FamilyMart’s loyalty points, dubbed FamiPoints, into digital currencies like USDC. This initiative not only champions the use of digital currency but also seeks to preserve the value of loyalty points which often go unused.

In alliance with BitoGroup and Taiwan FamilyMart, Circle has crafted a mechanism that simplifies the conversion of loyalty points to cryptocurrency. This program heralds significant progress toward pioneering Web3 technologies in Taiwan, reflecting the global trajectory toward decentralized digital economies.

“With the introduction of USDC in the enhanced ‘Points-to-Crypto’ service, we aim to empower the Taiwanese community to participate in the digital economy seamlessly and support Taiwan’s stance in embracing digital fintech innovations”

— Raagulan Pathy, Vice President of Asia Pacific for Circle

This collaboration is poised to elevate digital commerce in Taiwan to unprecedented levels. Given that convenience store loyalty programs are an integral aspect of daily life in Taiwan, the colossal potential of this loyalty points economy hasn’t gone unnoticed. Circle, BitoGroup, and FamilyMart have orchestrated a pathway to infuse cryptocurrencies into the daily transactions of the Taiwanese populace.

Moreover, this initiative fosters a conducive environment for the Taiwanese community to embrace digital fintech innovations, enriching the country’s digital commerce landscape. The ‘Points-to-Crypto’ service epitomizes the innovative ethos underpinning the partnership between Circle, BitoGroup, and Taiwan FamilyMart, making digital currency more accessible and practical for the common consumer.


The ‘Points-to-Crypto’ program is emblematic of visionary thinking, melding traditional retail with the dynamic realm of digital currencies. As Circle, BitoGroup, and Taiwan FamilyMart blaze a trail toward a more integrated digital economy in Taiwan, the reverberations of such ventures are bound to be felt beyond Taiwan, hinting at a global trend in retail-crypto integration. We invite our readers to delve deeper into this development by exploring the official announcement and share their insights in the comments section below. Your engagement is instrumental in fostering a lively discourse on the future intersections of retail and cryptocurrency.

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